Thursday, September 18, 2014

Retro Modern Kids, Handmade Clothing

I've gone and done it, I've launched a new project - Retro Modern Kids!

I think kid’s clothing can be stylish, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable.  I consult with my daughter and her friends regarding the way my clothing feels, my color combinations, and details like skirt length or sleeve shape while creating Retro Modern Kids garments. I like blending modern, comfortable, wearable styles with timeless, retro elements. Read more on the Retro Modern Kids blog.

I have been sewing most of my life, and after years of creating clothing for my daughter and my friends’ children, I’ve decided to take my “hobby” to the next level. I will be releasing collections piece by piece, starting in October 2014, and expect to have a true Fall/Winter collection in 2015.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

8 Jones Street Today, and Tomorrow, and on and on and on...

You might wonder, where has she been? This blog was once quite active, as was my Etsy shop where I sold vintage and handmade things.

See this little rascal above? I've been raising this little person, chasing her around, and taking care of my little family. I've particularly enjoyed sewing clothing for her to wear, like this little jacket I created with some out-of-print fabrics from Aneela Hoey, Oliver + S, and Anna Maria Horner. I'll post a more in-depth description of how this jacket came together later on, I promise.

Aside from family things, I've dabbled here and there with side projects, including my full-time day job and career. But where is 8 Jones Street now?

Well, 8 Jones Street is still between West 4th and Bleecker Street in Manhattan, as far as I know. But 8 Jones Street the blogger is now living in Sweden! You read that right. My family relocated here in October 2014 and we're thrilled to be having this Scandinavian adventure, although it is not a permanent move. And I've been sewing, sewing, and sewing some more.

And I've been drafting my own patterns for my daughter's clothing.

So, my new mission is this: create some easy patterns for very beautiful, comfortable, functional things for little kids to wear. I love sewing with quilting cottons, because they are SO pretty! So I intend to make the patterns workable with quilting cottons as well as garment fabrics.

I'm looking forward to "seeing" you all again. Stay tuned!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Crafty Fork

2012 is upon us, and one of my resolutions was to do less.  So why did I start a new blog, The Crafty Fork?

Well, I cook every day.  And I love to cook! 

Growing up, we always ate at home, and I’d say 90% of the meals my parents made were entirely “from scratch.”  Sure on occasion we ate at restaurants, but maybe only once a month.  In addition to being homemade, our meals were rounded: there was always a protein, some carbs, and at least one vegetable.  And dinner was always at the table, with everyone present.  Always.  We lived in Maine and had a vegetable garden, bought foods “in season,” and ordered our Thanksgiving turkeys from a local family farm.

The current trend in local, organic, artisan food is very near and dear to me.  I’ve been living this way my whole life!  (Maybe not as a college student, when bagels, peanut butter, and frozen pizza were my staples… but I digress…) Now that I have a family of my own, and talk with other parents a lot, I am constantly sharing my recipes and “tricks” to get my kid to eat healthily.  (hint: there are no tricks!  Just eat what you should eat, and the kids will too).

Come visit to learn how to make amazing, healthy food.

Like the Wholesome Pizza with Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Crust, pictured above.

See recipe and instructions to make this delicious pizza on The Crafty Fork!
Or my favorite cold-weather cure, Easy Rustic Matzo Ball Soup, Goy Style.

Or learn how to roast almonds at home.  Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt

Have a happy, prosperous, healthy, and most importantly, happy new year.  And please come visit The Crafty Fork - I'd love to see you there!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summer, summer, summer

I took some time, time to travel, time to fly, time to swim, time for peace... ahhhhhh.  Summer.

I think that I really missed out on the past few summers.  Late pregnancy, complications, and bedrest colored summer '09, and summer '10 I was still figuring out motherhood.  But summer 2011, this summer... this summer is mine!

We flew cross country, California to Maine. Got to dip ourselves in the Atlantic Ocean, pick some berries with my 90 year-old grandfather...

And spent loads of time on another summer staple.  Music. W.H. Auden wrote, “Music is the best means we have of digesting time.”
Back in California now, back at "the desk," I'm daydreaming of music, water, summer...  Come on Saturday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A few Father's Day ideas for outdoorsy, nature loving dads

Tick tock, Sunday is Father's Day!  If you're looking for a few off-the-grid gift ideas for your indie-minded rugged papa, here are some things you might consider.  

Does your outdoor-type have an office by day?  Maybe he would like some photos to remind him of what he's planning for the weekend.  I love the pop of color in this retro-ish photo of canoes in birchy woods by Pretty Petal Studios (above).  
Looking for ways to make your outdoor space or perma-camp more homey?  Try hanging mason jar solar lamps from Treasure Again on your favorite tree, or use a shepard's hook to hang them right outside the tent for a little bid of mood lighting.
Bring that outdoors feeling indoors to your favorite dad's office or workshop with this Vintage Blue Grass camping lantern from Lisa B. on Etsy. I love this baby blue beauty, it reminds me of the old lanterns by grandpa had hanging from the beams in his shed.  I'm not sure I'd recommend using the lantern in it's intended purpose considering the age, but surely you might if you could find the fuel and lamps to fit.

No cabin, summer retreat, or campsite is complete without some sort of marking.  This rustic wood-burned campsite marker from The Snowshoe Loft reminds me of home in Maine, where all the "summer towns" had houses with names like "Camp Heartside" or, simply, "Bob."  Snowshoe makes all sorts of signs with different shapes and they're customizable. 

Another suggestion for the professional papa who'd rather be outside (and loves to ride) is this Bike Tie Tack in sterling silver by Rachel Pfeffer from luckyduct on Etsy.  I like how it is small/delicate enough for the boardroom but still bold enough to illustrate some personality.

I just love the wooden phone cases from Thealin Bade on Etsy. Walnut wood Iphone 4 case

No family should be without some knowledge of their genealogy.   We face an odd paradox in this digital age, it is easy to do the research (or easier than it used to be), but often the history is left in digital form, with the danger of being lost or forgotten all over again.  Time to write it down!  I stumbled across this Family tree chart from Art and Artisan. They even sell in bulk, so you could collect the info and record it in multiples and gift them at your next family reunion.

I'm keen on this Vintage external frame hiking pack (probably best for dry climate hiking or camping) from D's Vintage Emporium.  I lived out of one of these for a summer between college and joining the "working world."  It was surprisingly light, dried easily, and let's face it - much more stylish than many of the modern styles.

Here are some things to your nature-loving dad or hubby might read while on the trail (or on the commute):

Pathfinder: Blazing a New Wilderness Trail in Modern America

Walden: Introduction and Annotations by Bill McKibben (Concord Library)

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Babes in the Woods: Hiking, Camping & Boating with Babies and Young Children

Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail