Thursday, August 28, 2008

I do have dresses... I will list them...

To all who have been wondering...

This weekend will be a heavy listing weekend. I have a ton of things to photograph.

Just a sneak...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This Sunday, August 31st, 10am eastern Sunday to 10am eastern Monday.

Visit the VINTAGE MARKET in the ETSY promotions forum. Over 70 vintage sellers, including me, will be participating in a huge VINTAGE flea-market style festival. Many of my items will be reduced for the day, and my first 3 buyers will get a special gift!

See you there!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mini Collage gone 3D

Here is my creative achievement for the day: a mini collage title "Indie Game." The title sprouted from the text I tore from a magazine. It is a 3D piece because I attached a little fabric leaf and flower... they really pull the collage together.

I love making miniature collages. I started doing this about three years ago when a painting teacher recommended mini-collage as a means to play with color and contrast. Each piece is one of a kind and is signed, titled, and dated on the reverse side.
This mini is ACEO standard, except for the little leaf that extends over the edge on the right.

What is an ACEO?
It is similar to an ATC (Artist Trading Card), which is a piece of art that measures 2.5" x 3.5" - the same size as a baseball card or any other typical collector's card. The intention of the ATC was for artists to use them as a calling card essentially, traded between artists with their contact information on the back.

Well, of course it would be nice to have a calling card for artists to give non-artists, and so the ACEO (Art Card, Editions and Originals) was introduced. The only difference between and ATC and ACEO (as far as I know) is that ACEOs can be sold.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Workshops - coming to you from free wireless at a famous coffee chain in Mountain View, CA

Every Saturday morning, the fiancee and I drag ourselves out of bed early, walk and feed Stella, then head to the local chain coffee place for what we call "Vorkschatz," our faux German work for workshops. He's working on his Philosophy dissertation, and I am trying to write.

What do I write? Mostly essays, lists of things, a bit of fiction, how-to, and snippets of things that come to mind. Today I am writing about my 97 year-old Irish New England grandmother. But I keep getting distracted - hence this blog entry!

So I will write a list: The top 7 things that are distracting me today are (in no particular order)
1) I want another cup of coffee, but I know I need to cut back.
2) My garden which I have neglected more than I wish to admit this year. The morning glories that never really had a chance.
3) Our upcoming wedding - which will be in Maine at the end of September.
4) The need to sign up for studio time (pottery) and the high cost of firing to cone 10. I just prefer to high fire, but with the cost of gas...
5) My collection of pottery tools that were stolen last year. I'd collected items from all over the country for almost five years... I get all tense just thinking about how I'll never reclaim my antique fabric stamp from India. meh
6) The lack of time in a day. I work 40+ hours a week at my "day job" which leaves me little time to create. This in turn leaves me feeling less accomplished than I would like to.
7) The olympics and lack of equal coverage in the U.S. What is up with that? And why do they broadcast live on the East Coast, then delay for the West Coast. Why?

Alright... I might just get another cup of coffee now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Eagerly anticipating my cloche by Liza Rietz

Since the early nineties I've longed for a cloche of my own. One that fits my non-vintage head. A cloche that was practical enough to wear on a regular day.

Imagine my hysteria upon discovering designer Liza Rietz's linen cloche. Now this is a hat a gal like me can live in!

I ordered the black linen cloche. It should be here any day. Now if only I could convince myself that I can afford this ruffled dress.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tearing mode

This moment I'm itching to collage. Something about the change of seasons, the desire to make things... not a bad state to be in.

Most of my collages are mini, about 4"in length max, but these vintage encyclopedia covers have inspired me to go bigger. I can't wait. I ordered them Saturday and they're being shipped media mail. So lookout for some new handmades in the next few weeks!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watch out, Sue Ellen Ewing

I didn't watch "Dallas" when it was on the first time around. It was a show for "grown ups." Well, now I'm all grown up and I LOVE IT. The truth is, not only do I love retro / vintage art, music, fashion, and hairstyles - I love vintage film and TV too. And here is a little secret: we just finished season 9 (don't laugh) and Bobby's back!

But seriously, "Dallas" has informed my fashion choices in the past year. I've added belts, worn my ponytail on the side on occasion, tried frosted eyeshadow (NO!)...

THIS DRESS! The perfect dress. If only it were in my size. It is stunning: electric blue 100% silk burnout. It makes me want to cry. It was such a find, and I paid more than I should have for it, but I had to have it. Hanging in my closet. Because it isn't my size.

I'll have to post it to 8 Jones Street at Etsy soon. But until then, I will visit daily and caress the sweet softness. Hmm.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I love ruffles. Especially vintage ruffles.

It's true - an artfully placed ruffle just makes me swoon. There is something sophisticated and girly about ruffles. From secretary blouses to lolita dresses, they just make the piece.

Today while photographing this dress I realized - probably 2 out of 3 women's pieces I buy have ruffles in one form or another. This lemon yellow dress is no exception. The dress itself might be considered plain: a simple trapeze or swing dress shape. But add two rows of ruffles at the yoke and a line of ruffle at the bottom hem, and Voila! We have yellowy goodness.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vintage Craft Books - Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

On one of my vintage-good hunts I stumbled upon a collection of amazing craft books called "The Family Creative Workshop." As I started thumbing through the 23 volume set, I was overwhelmed with emotion: why had I never heard of these books before, and why isn't anything like this published today? Why were publishers so much cooler in 1974, 1975, and 1976?
The projects are well developed and either require a bit of skill or teach a unique skill - like flute carving, creating a vivarium, sewing without a pattern, winter sculpture, monoprinting, mukluk making... the list goes on and on. And the pictures... well, what can I say? I'm a picture loving gal. I could only afford a few precious volumes. I decided to grab the four that were in the best condition. I've posted a few of these to the 8 Jones Street store - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a peek...

I adore Art Nouveau style... I wish it were practical to dress like an Alphonse Mucha forest dweller. Personal attire aside, Art Nouveau's soft lines and muted romantic tones just make me happy.
Just imagine my delight in finding this nouveau-style mirror / picture frame. This is one of those pieces that I'm torn about... should I keep this item for myself? Or should I let it go to a happy new home where there is more shelf space?
Alas, this and a few other Nouveau / Deco era items will be posted to the 8 Jones Street Etsy store in the next few days. C'est la vie.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Have Liftoff!

One of the things I love the most about collecting vintage things is learning about where and when the piece came from. For example, I have four octagonal bowls that stack together. They are opaque glass. I figured I'd inspect them closely - turns out, these are Arcoroc bowls - the Optime Black pattern - made in France!

I'm so happy to be able to discover and share these things.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

8 Jones Street will be opening on Sunday, August 3rd!

At 8 Jones Street, you'll find a collection of vintage, handmade, and remade items for everyday life.

: : VINTAGE : :Our vintage items ARE TRUE VINTAGE items, not reproductions; they have been loved before, and hope to find a new home with you! Reduce your carbon footprint -- buy pre-loved!

: : HANDMADE : :Sarah loves creating with clay, paper, fabric, found objects, beads, glass, leaves, twigs, and other things. Each handmade item is OOAK (one of a kind) unless otherwise noted. Support arts and crafts -- buy handmade!

: : REMADE : :These items have been given an 8 Jones Street makeover: they're vintage or repurposed but have been altered, improved, edited, re-created, or combined with a mixed-media approach. Purchase OOAK classics with the 8 Jones Street touch -- buy remade!