Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watch out, Sue Ellen Ewing

I didn't watch "Dallas" when it was on the first time around. It was a show for "grown ups." Well, now I'm all grown up and I LOVE IT. The truth is, not only do I love retro / vintage art, music, fashion, and hairstyles - I love vintage film and TV too. And here is a little secret: we just finished season 9 (don't laugh) and Bobby's back!

But seriously, "Dallas" has informed my fashion choices in the past year. I've added belts, worn my ponytail on the side on occasion, tried frosted eyeshadow (NO!)...

THIS DRESS! The perfect dress. If only it were in my size. It is stunning: electric blue 100% silk burnout. It makes me want to cry. It was such a find, and I paid more than I should have for it, but I had to have it. Hanging in my closet. Because it isn't my size.

I'll have to post it to 8 Jones Street at Etsy soon. But until then, I will visit daily and caress the sweet softness. Hmm.

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