Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Workshops - coming to you from free wireless at a famous coffee chain in Mountain View, CA

Every Saturday morning, the fiancee and I drag ourselves out of bed early, walk and feed Stella, then head to the local chain coffee place for what we call "Vorkschatz," our faux German work for workshops. He's working on his Philosophy dissertation, and I am trying to write.

What do I write? Mostly essays, lists of things, a bit of fiction, how-to, and snippets of things that come to mind. Today I am writing about my 97 year-old Irish New England grandmother. But I keep getting distracted - hence this blog entry!

So I will write a list: The top 7 things that are distracting me today are (in no particular order)
1) I want another cup of coffee, but I know I need to cut back.
2) My garden which I have neglected more than I wish to admit this year. The morning glories that never really had a chance.
3) Our upcoming wedding - which will be in Maine at the end of September.
4) The need to sign up for studio time (pottery) and the high cost of firing to cone 10. I just prefer to high fire, but with the cost of gas...
5) My collection of pottery tools that were stolen last year. I'd collected items from all over the country for almost five years... I get all tense just thinking about how I'll never reclaim my antique fabric stamp from India. meh
6) The lack of time in a day. I work 40+ hours a week at my "day job" which leaves me little time to create. This in turn leaves me feeling less accomplished than I would like to.
7) The olympics and lack of equal coverage in the U.S. What is up with that? And why do they broadcast live on the East Coast, then delay for the West Coast. Why?

Alright... I might just get another cup of coffee now.

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