Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't know what you got 'till it's gone...

Ode to Joan.

Myopic Joan
gazed at stars
in blue no doubt.

I must pay tribute to the "estate sale." Literal goldmines of vintage finds, and the beauty is the pieces are connected. Everything is from the same home, and often from the same person. Joan wore glasses (big dorky ones made by Guess?) and liked to knit. She lived in Northern California most of her life, and from what I gather she loved white wicker furniture.

When I sold these glasses it was painless. Yet somehow I keep looking back at the pictures... they really are a great set of specs! Truly the worst part of dealing vintage is mourning the loss of pieces you wish you'd kept.


melanie!!!!!!!! said...

You look amazing in those specs! Or should I say -- spectacular!

Sarah said...

Thanx Melz!

Anonymous said... please reply where can i buy those glasses you haave on in the picture ^^ O_O i want them so bad please reply! thx anyone if u no where to buy thx! <33

Sarah said...

I'm sorry VietlLinh049 (or Anon)... I sold these glasses two or three years ago.