Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Been Throwin' around

I'm back! Where have I been? Well, let's see...

I got married in Portland Maine a month ago, and I've been in newlywed bliss ever since. The (not so surprising) near euphoric effect is that I have been in a solid creative trance. Absolutely wonderful for me, not so great for the blog. Apologies! Other than being on the East Coast, I have been in the pottery studio. A long-delayed return due to the theft of precious tools... an experience I won't rehash at this time.

My pottery tends to be influenced by my current experiences and my environment - architecture, flora, seasons... When I relocated from NYC to the Bay Area I made a lot of boats, a whimsical pumpkin teapot, and a few funerary urns for beloved musicians (George Harrison, Elliott Smith). After the wedding a bit of nesting kicked in, and then I saw this cover of DWELL magazine at Whole Foods.

So my current project is: Little Clay Houses.

This series is in it's formative stages but I expect to have a few completed mini-bungalows by January.

(image: the cover of the November 2008 Dwell - I did not take this photo or design the house and I don't work for the magazine - please go to their website for more on them - )

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