Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whimsical Pots by Barbara Dunshee

When I first began working with clay in 2001 it was about precision. As time rolled on and the wheel kept turning, I began to be tickled by a touch of whimsy. This came to a head in 2004 with the birth of my first hand-built teapot: a pumpkin fit for Cinderella. (note: someday I will post a photo of that pumpkin pot here)

I've discovered Barb Dunshee - an awesome clay artist. Since I'm a potter, I like her more functional whimsical pots, but she sculpts faces too. You can find the pot pictured - titled Attentive Milo - (and lots more) here.

I should add that Barbara is friendly and forgiving when typos are concerned ;)


Barbara Dunshee said...

Hey Sarah, Thanks for the write up. I THINK I linked in to you. Again, your vintage stuff is great but I do love the little ceramic boxes you listed that YOU made!

Sarah said...

more ceramics to come - but I'm going to open a different shop. don't want pots lost in the shuffle.