Sunday, December 7, 2008

how do you write an artist's statement?

I've recently been asked to write an artist's statement. Well, a statement plus a studio proposal (or artist intention). "Now I've read a lot of "AS"s before. I never thought I'd have trouble composing my own - heck, I have a BFA in writing, literature, and publishing. And I've been making pots for years. So why do I have a block on this one?

I'll sit here at my laptop, snuggled with a cup of tea and my English Bulldog, with time to write, visions of pots to be made dancing in my head, and... nothing. Nothing but a list.

Here are a few of the ideas I'm working with -
  • I like to make beautiful things
  • I create pots with rewarding details for the curious… a flash of Coleman red inside the spout of a cloudy white teapot, a thickly dipped shino that crackles and breaks with waxed islands
  • Find inspiration in nature – flora and fauna
  • Listen to the clay with my fingers
  • Nothing makes me happier than someone crossing a room with that curious look and reaching out to pick up one of my pots.
I have more but man everything sounds cheesy, or overly earnest... I'm hoping I can cobble something together within the next few days.

For other folks grappling this challenge, I found a lot of information on the interwebs. Google is your friend here. The Artists Foundation says "Writing an artist statement sometimes can be harder than making the actual work." Writing tips from Tips from AF

Here arare a few select inspiring examples of statements by some of my favorite ceramic artists:

Julia Galloway
Malcolm Davis
Sanam Emami
Jennifer Allen

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amy said...

maybe a little cheesy as you said, but I like the "nothing makes me happier" one...:)