Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aloha! Vintage Luau, anyone?

In just two days, the hubby and I are departing for our belated honeymoon in Hawaii! I realized - I haven't really gone shopping, and now it is too late! If I had the time to wait, of course I'd go Etsy all the way. If you're heading to Hawaii in the next few months, here are my recommendations for you:

The Hilo Hattie’s Vintage Hawaiian Floral Maxi Dress above, from ramonawest, is my top pick not only is it truly stylish, but since this is a honeymoon and "babymoon" for me, the cut and shape would be perfect! It'd really be great for the night of the luau - I could gorge myself on crablegs and virgin mai-tais without worrying about busting any seams!

Next up, for research purposes, you'd have to snag this Vintage National Geographic Making of America Hawaii Map Filled with Illustrations of Birds from TinkersShop
And for daytime shopping and photo-ops, I encourage you to consider this vintage yet modern looking Vintage 60's Floral Ruffle Collar Day Dress from sailorpinkvintage:

Well folks, this may be my last post until I return to the mainland in roughly 2 weeks - until then, aloha!
top photo courtesy of swankpad.orgsee their post here


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Have a superb honeymoon!! What a place to go too...lucky lady!

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eudeline said...

bonjour, hello, I'm very happy to discover your Blog! I love it! Je trouve ta sélection très chouette!