Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Evolution of 8 Jones Street

"We are the sum of our experiences."* For months this phrase has been with me. So much has occurred in the past two years (gulp - two years!) and I have been going through many iterations of self. I suppose the most noteworthy change is that I am now a mother. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (let's call her "G" for the purpose of this blog) in August 2009. Pregnancy itself was such a life altering occurrence. Adding a child to our household sent me through a rash of changes, to which I could liken to an identity crisis. Into my thirties I was independent... coupled up, yet childless, and had the freedom and flexibility that only those without kids know. Giving up those freedoms for a five pound human (she was born early) was a shock to the system, despite all the dreaming and planning in the months building up to G's birth. And so I lost myself. Or at least it felt like it. Just a little.

So. Where have I been? Am I still me? "We are the sum of our experiences." I feel it necessary to reintroduce myself to... myself, and everyone around me. I am Sarah, just different. I'm also a mother, an identity or title that at first seemed to dwarf many things I had known myself to be.

8 Jones Street could not persist as it once was. As a mother, I'm seeing things differently. The evolution of me, and 8 Jones Street, has been a quiet movement, gaining momentum over time. I am writing and crafting again. Stay tuned!

*NOTE: please, if you know the original source of this mantra like quote, please let me know! I am finding lots of conflicting info online. Thank you!

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