Saturday, February 5, 2011

City Weekend Quilt - Change of Plans

Well, I had intended on making the easy(ish) ragged quilt for my first quilting project, but, as I started playing with my fabric (oliver + s "City Weekend," plus white Kaufman Kona Cotton) I realized the colors were dulled when the fabrics were layered. So last night as I laid awake in bed, I began to plan a more sophisticated, color-maximizing quilt. And so you see the primitive plans above.

Today I began cutting the fabric. Well, of course, I had to iron first... luckily I found a natural, non-aerosol spray starch that made the cotton lay flat and stiffened it a little. This was my first time ever using a rotary cutter (sort of like a pizza cutter, but for fabric). Much easier than pinking shears for straight cuts.

I realized I could layer the fabric for efficiency and this worked nicely - not sure it would work with smaller pieces of fabric, though (I cut 8" squares). As I cut I started to see how quilting is similar to handbuilding with clay. The measuring, the precision, with a dash of wishing and hoping that ultimately the completed piece will come out as you are envisioning in your head.

I love the orange-red, turquoise, gold, and cornflower blue colors together. I can't wait to see things come together.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dot painting at daycare

I'm taking a break from spreadsheet shuffling (part of my day job) to post a picture of G gettin' crafty at daycare. It looks like she is dot painting a snake? I wish I could stay home and craft along with her but alas... maybe in my next life.