Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Flowers

Recent Happenings
Right now, I am:

Relishing the long days of early, early Summer when it isn't too hot to leave the windows open all day long

Digging Drums Unlimited by Max Roach, the music Mr. 8 Jones chose to accompany our dinner of roast chicken and rainbow chard

Snuggling with my six year-old English Bulldog "puppy" and scratching her ear as she sighs with delight

Feeling inspired by all of the beautiful fabric I have acquired in the last month or so and wondering how I'll ever find the time to complete all of the projects growing in my head

Wanting to nibble on the strawberries I bought today at the farmer's market

Waiting for my iron to heat up so I can get some fabric prepped and cut for a quilt for a friend who most sadly lost her mother this week

Missing my dad, who is recuperating from a stroke and has been diagnosed with cancer, with 6 months of chemotherapy ahead

Being as hopeful as possible, considering the 3,000 miles between me and my dad

Hearing my daughter's playful chirps as she sings herself to sleep--it's comforting

Knowing these tough times with aging/ill parents are balanced with the growth and birth of children, the joy and peace, the cycle of nature

Until next time...

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