Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too many quilts, too little time... or, I am addicted to fabric.

I do believe I may have a problem. I have two quilt sandwiches to quilt, two more quilt tops in the works, and two other batches of fabric washed and folded, waiting to be cut. So, why on earth did I just buy fabric for another quilt?

You've probably seen my post(s) on my City Weekend quilt that I am making for my daughter. Since this was my first quilting endeavor, I decided to take a break and wait until I'd gotten some experience with quilting to put it all together. And so I purchased a few fat quarters of Heather Ross' hard to find and out of print Far Far Away (the original line) to make an easy charm square summer quilt (above). I haven't finished the quilting or the binding on this yet but plan to soon. I love the whimsical theme of this fabric: unicorns, frog princes, and the princess and the sea...

Meanwhile, my husband's aunt has been enduring some pretty extreme treatments for an illness, so I figured I'd make her a lap quilt. She loves citrus colors, so the orange and limefrom the Sanae Chrysalis line were perfect. The flowers and butterflies are so cheerful!

The other quilts I have planned/in progress but haven't photographed are for my husband, niece, mom, step-sister, and brother's girlfriend... I need more thread!

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