Thursday, June 2, 2011

Handmade things for the musician in your life

Father's Day is coming. Of course, nothing beats a handmade gift created by the gifter.  If your strapped for time (as I am) here are a few ideas:
  • Set up a Bandcamp site for them - it's free and they can actually make money selling their stuff!
  • Mixtape!  Like, an actual Memorex 90 minute mixtape (assuming your giftee has a tapedeck).  I have found that blank audio tapes made in the two thousand tens have a tinny sound and don't last very long - I recommend buying the good stuff of of Ebay or similar.  A mix CD or playlist will do in a pinch and is super fast to make.
  • Set up a Sound Cloud site for them.  A great place for them to post/share their sonic creations.
If you'd rather buy, here are a few things I've found that your indie-minded musician might love:

Vintage headphones with yarn-wrapped cord (above) by cordinated, based in Chicago.  "Each earpiece has an individual volume control so you can listen to your tunes through one ear or both!"  Super sweet.  Alright these technically aren't handmade, but they are vintage/repurposed and lovingly personalized with a crafty touch.
An option for the electronic musician, synth lover, or gadget geek: The R - Drone Drone Station by rarebeasts.  See it in action on Youtube.

This handmade leather guitar strap from mataradesign looks like it would last a lifetime.  Sure to remind your giftee of your love for years and years.

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