Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summer, summer, summer

I took some time, time to travel, time to fly, time to swim, time for peace... ahhhhhh.  Summer.

I think that I really missed out on the past few summers.  Late pregnancy, complications, and bedrest colored summer '09, and summer '10 I was still figuring out motherhood.  But summer 2011, this summer... this summer is mine!

We flew cross country, California to Maine. Got to dip ourselves in the Atlantic Ocean, pick some berries with my 90 year-old grandfather...

And spent loads of time on another summer staple.  Music. W.H. Auden wrote, “Music is the best means we have of digesting time.”
Back in California now, back at "the desk," I'm daydreaming of music, water, summer...  Come on Saturday!


Johny Marsh said...
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Johny Marsh said...

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