Thursday, September 18, 2014

Retro Modern Kids, Handmade Clothing

I've gone and done it, I've launched a new project - Retro Modern Kids!

I think kid’s clothing can be stylish, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable.  I consult with my daughter and her friends regarding the way my clothing feels, my color combinations, and details like skirt length or sleeve shape while creating Retro Modern Kids garments. I like blending modern, comfortable, wearable styles with timeless, retro elements. Read more on the Retro Modern Kids blog.

I have been sewing most of my life, and after years of creating clothing for my daughter and my friends’ children, I’ve decided to take my “hobby” to the next level. I will be releasing collections piece by piece, starting in October 2014, and expect to have a true Fall/Winter collection in 2015.

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