My name is Sarah Giberman - I like making and collecting unique, vintage-y things. My absolute favorite medium is clay. I live with my husband, toddler daughter, and an English Bulldog named Stella. Our apartment is full of books, trinkets, pots, pictures, collage, instruments, records, cds, hats, shoes, postcards... our collective geographical roots are: Portland, ME; Boise, ID; Olympia, WA; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Manhattan, NY; and Palo Alto, CA. Between object salvaging and my own pottery, collage, clothing, and paper projects we've accumulated quite a bit! 8 Jones Street is an address in Greenwich Village, Manhattan where we lived in a sixth-floor walkup studio for four years before we re-located to the Bay Area. We are nostalgic for the old neighborhood and hope to move back someday. My art studio is named "8 Jones Street" in homage. Handmade or repurposed purchases are better for people and the environment. I try to be a mindful consumer.